Part II: If Matter is Not Solid, Why Don't We Fall Through the Floor?

About a year ago I wrote a blog entitled Matter is not solid, time is not linear and death is not the endand I find it amazing that this short blog is the single most popular item on my site. Despite a few hundred radio interviews from global experts and several hundred articles and blogs, the only item that gets more hits is my homepage. It must be striking a cord because it doesn’t matter what state or country, and therefore I presume, of universal interest regardless of political, religious, cultural or ethnic origins.
This is dedicated to Bo because he unconsciously inspired me to write this. We were having a conversation and I ended it with a teaser so he would look forward to the next discussion. I asked him, “Hey Bo, if matter is not solid, how come we don’t fall right through the floor?” We both laughed and he said, “I don’t know!” This gave me the idea to write part II in ‘matter is not solid’ stream. I know, I know, it took me a year but I was busy, okay? Give me a little credit because I actually know why, I just never thought about doing a follow-up to the first blog. Shame on all you who liked it and never asked for an explanation! Next time don’t be so bashful.
I know this blog isn’t super critical in the big scheme of things and everyone is having a difficult year, but it’s not as if the sky’s falling, just satellites. And just because the world’s insolvent, relax, all the bankers that own the Federal Reserve will just keep making more electronic dollars out of thin air (those digital dollars are not solid you know.) I do acknowledge that the sun is kicking up a nasty storm that might destroy the planet in the blink of an eye with a massive X Class flare twenty times the size of earth generating the equivalent of a million hydrogen bombs. Roger that good buddy but it’s not solid so why worry? And yes, maybe we did have the once in a few million-year mega earthquake-tsunami-flood-drought-hurricane-tornado bug going around the planet. And I do concede it did lap mother Gaia faster than the virus in Contagion. But you must admit it was not faster than a speeding bullet but guess what? The root cause of all those abnormalities isn’t solid either! If you stop and think about it long enough, 99 percent of what you care about most, is not solid. Love, friendship, movies…you get the point. So you see, I am compassionate and empathetic but I had problems this year too.
Did you know, for example that ABC cancelled my favorite TV show (“V”)? Didn’t now that did you. I bet you also didn’t know that Netflix jacked up the cost of my DVD and non-physical streaming package by fifty percent? This is some pretty deep stuff happening here. But hey, there’s nothing I can do to the ABC guys except maybe occupy their parking lot. But Netflix, man we mobilized on them. Yes, a million of us – that’s me, myself and I and another 999,997 - people did cancel our non-solid Netflix membership and stopped sending them our non-solid money.   
So why don’t we fall through the floor?
As Carl Sagan wrote in the #1 best seller, Cosmos,  “Matter is comprised chiefly of … nothing,” with a hundred million atoms across the span of my fingertip, 99.9 percent has no mass and the part that does is the nucleus. The nuclei within everything – my finger, the table I am writing on, the chair in which I sit, are surrounded by clouds of electrons which have a negative charge and essentially no mass. These negative charges repel each other, just as two north poles of a magnet. If we were somehow able to turn off the electrical charges everything, including you and me, would crumble into tiny nuclei dust particles. That’s what the Nobel Laureates and physicists’ say. Personally, I think it’s possible that the essence of us would walk through walls like Neo in the Matrix or maybe we would find ourselves in heaven.
Although all this solid stuff feels solid, it’s not. Nothing in the table, country, or world is solid. The banks are not solid. The dollar bill that paid for this computer is not solid. Even the foundation of my house or the world isn’t solid!
Everything in your life and mine, all the debt, toys, and zombies walking by is one big giant illusion of electromagnetic forces, united by energy and repulsive polarities.
Without the repulsive forces, it would just go poof! Let’s expand this concept just a bit further.
Just think if there wasn’t someone pro-life there would be no pro-choice. No Christian without a Muslim. No left without a right. No democrat without a republican. No men from Mars without women from Venus. No good without not good and finally, no one to fight and no one to love. Damn! Being a dust particle would be one extremely boring and pathetic life.
It seems that the architect who created this brilliant and complex matrix not only has sense of humor, but a firm grasp on how sentient creatures grow and develop. She created a universal law that dictates that survival depends upon the balance of repulsive forces. Or stated in a positive way, a major law of the universe is that all the electromagnetic forces must be in balance - creation in balance with preservation and dissolution. The Hindu’s call this A-kara (creation), U-kāra (preservation), Ma-kara (destruction), or AUM, which became OM, which became AM and finally became spoken by every major monotheistic speaker of prayers when they say Amen.
In other words, for all eternity just about every one of us ends our prayers by thanking the Source for maintaining the balance of energy in the circle of life.

The essence of life is pure energy and our journey is filled with constant change to keep the forces in balance. Trying to balance these forces without tension is not possible. Change is by definition evolution and it always creates friction in the planes of reality. Think of a tire that propels a car forward on the road. If there were no friction, there would be no motion. So it is in life, with the dollar and the universe. Our mission, if you or Tom Cruise dare accept it, is to make the change promote unity over division and harmony over separation. You have ten seconds before this tape self-destructs. What are you going to do?

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(C) Copyright 2011 by Jonathan D. (JD) Messinger. All rights reserved.