Long Island - Discover Your Soul Path and Reclaim Your Power

"Know thyself" 
~The Oracle of Delphi 

Discover Your Soul Path and Reclaim Your Power

Farrell Residence

612 Halsey Lane

Saturday April 5th

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Knowing who you are, jumping the Four Hurdles, and reclaiming your power is the #1 mission in life. Not only will it change how you live, love, work, think and act, it will also restore self worth, confidence, courage and strength to carry on. The result is less stress, more joy, and greater peace.

This one-day program, including lunch, applies the science and philosophy of numbers as a leading predictor of the events and circumstances in your life. The program includes a ~100 page detailed personal profile based on your name and birth date.
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